Student protest causes office disruption

Posted on by Rob Powell

A high profile protest by students this week has caused disruption to businesses and organisations at an office block in London.

Angry students targeted offices at 30 Millbank because it is the Conservative Party’s headquarters but neighbouring tenants are still feeling the effects of the protest.

The Charity Commission, based on the first floor of the building have posted a message on their website saying:

“Due to damage at the Commission’s London office at 30 Millbank following demonstrations, the London office will remain closed to staff and visitors. We anticipate re-opening the office on Tuesday 16th November at 10:00.”

Other organisations that share the building include Cox & Kings travel consultants, Tata Steel, EPR Architects, outsourcing company Liberata and Encore Hospitality.

Protestors angry at plans to increase the cap on university tuition fees to £9,000 stormed the building, smashing windows and damaging property in the process.

A group gained access to the roof of the seven-storey building and a fire extinguisher was thrown to the ground – an act which is now the subject of a police investigation.

The National Union of Students issued a statement thanking the students who turned up to demonstrate but said said they “were deeply disappointed at the actions of a small minority of those 50,000 people who attended.”

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