Objections over plans to demolish Sheffield office building

Posted on by John Cronin

Plans to demolish a well-known office building in Sheffield have received objections from locals who believe it should be renovated.

Hambleton HouseHambleton House, (pictured) is the former headquarter offices the Sheffield-based South Yorkshire Transport Passenger Executive (SYPTE).

The offices have remained unoccupied since SYPTE relocating to new premises within the city six years ago. The property arm of SYPTE now wants to demolish the building as it believes the property is beyond repair.

Due to objections to the proposed demolition, SYPTE has now been forced to obtain full planning permission for the demolition. Campaigners hope that this will delay proceedings and create an opportunity to save the building. Local resident Neil Keally told the The Star: “A city centre building of this stature, history and architectural interest should absolutely not be allowed to be simply demolished.”

The site actually consists of two separate buildings, Hambleton House and a smaller adjoining property known as Castlegate Buildings. Located on Exchange Street, Hambleton House is a 26,000 sq ft, seven-storey office block dating back to the mid 1920’s. It is believed to have been constructed by the retailing family WH Smith. Castlegate Buildings offers 13,200 sq ft of floor space over two floors, half of which is suitable as office accommodation.

The buildings are in close proximity to The Square office development that is being developed by Carillion. The development consists of a Travelodge, a car park and office buildings ranging in size from 30,000 sq ft to 100,000 sq ft. SYPTE now occupies one of the phase-one office blocks.

It is still not certain if SYPTE will press ahead with the demolition. Commenting on the proposals, John Haddon, spokesperson said: “Other possible options are to refurbish the building and/or work with the council to maintain the building in some format.”


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