Notts County Council proposes office closures

Posted on by John Cronin

Nottinghamshire County Council has today announced that it is to discuss a programme of multiple office closures in an attempt to save £2 million per year.

notts county hallIn a full council meeting due to take place on 9th December at County Hall (pictured – credit), a proposal to dramatically reduce the Notts County Council office count is to be debated.

Following many other county councils across the country, Notts Council has reviewed how it can make significant savings by making more effective of the office space it currently has. The council currently spends about £7.5 million each year on office accommodation and is aiming to trim around £2 million from that expenditure.

Having undertaken a review of current office space occupancy levels the council has identified that approximately 33% of the available desks and meeting rooms are not fully utilised during the working week. A shared-desk arrangement is being considered, using a ratio of 7 workstations per 10 employees.

Significant office closures are being considered as part of the process. The 23 office sites currently used are to be reduced to just 5 – a reduction of approximately 80%. Offices that are no longer required will either be sold, leases will not be renewed and in one case an office extension will be demolished.

Martin Suthers, Deputy Leader at Nottinghamshire County Council, said: “Rationalising our office space will help the Council reap significant savings over the long-term. Much of our office space is underused and not fit for modern working arrangements.”.

However, the council does not envisage any net savings until the financial year 2014/15 as it plans on spending £10m on the 4-year rationalisation programme.

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