i2 Office launches i2 Access

Posted on by Rob Powell

SERVICED office provider i2 Office has launched its new business lounge membership club.

The i2 Access scheme gives members access to professional places to work, relax or have a meeting at any of the i2 Office businesses centres around the country for a fixed monthly fee.

Speaking to Offices.org.uk last December, i2 Office Chief Executive explained the benefits of this kind of club for mobile workers:

“It’s great to think you can come into town and work from one of the coffee chains but it’s noisy, they play the music too loud and they turf you out if you don’t buy enough coffee.

“Here, you’re able to work in a professional business environment, meet people such as suppliers or clients, book a meeting room or meet informally in one of our cafes, get a cup of coffee and do it properly rather than trying to do it round the table in a coffee shop.”

i2 Office, based in Milton Keynes, now operates serviced office centres across London and in Leeds, Manchester, Watford and Glasgow.

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