On your feet: new guidance for office workers

Posted on by Offices.org.uk

NEW research has suggested that office workers in desk-bound jobs should be on their feet for 2-4 hours a day for better health and productivity.

The report, commissioned by Public Health England and Active Working CIC, says that sedentary workers should initially aim for 2 hours a day of standing and light activity, eventually rising to 4 hours.

Long periods of seating should be broken up with standing-based work and the use of sit-stand desks is also recommended.

An international panel of experts were invited to contribute to the recommendations which were published yesterday. It is the first time that specific targets have been issued to curb the health risks of too much sitting.

The report is based on observational and retrospective studies but the authors say “the level of consistent evidence accumulated to date, and the public health context of rising chronic diseases, suggest initial guidelines are justified.”

Read the full report on the British Journal of Sports Medicine website.

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