Council’s own housing offices might become homes

Posted on by Rob Powell

OFFICES in which housing officers for Islington council work could themselves become homes if a developer’s bid is successful.

Islington Council are vacating Highbury House in Highbury Crescent, London, in a cost saving moving and the owner, Folgate Estates has submitted an application to turn the property in to 60 new homes.

Rules for the change of use from offices to residential were relaxed by the coalition government.

Local paper, the Islington Gazette reports that the council is opposed to the move.  Councillor James Murray, executive member for housing, told the paper:

“The government’s change to housing is creating a reckless free for all so that you have office space being lost and businesses and small charities being evicted to make way for new residential properties.”

A top planner at City Hall told the London Assembly earlier this year that the government’s relaxation of the rules could place 4 million square metres of office space in the London at risk.

Highbury House, Islington.

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