Chinese skyscraper to have world’s fastest lift

Posted on by Rob Powell

A NEW skyscraper being built in China is to have the fastest elevators in the world, capable of reaching 45mph.

The lifts in the under-construction Guangzhou CTF Financial Center will move passengers up 95 storeys in just 43 seconds.

From a total of ninety-five elevators being supplied to the new tower in Guangzhou, south China, two will be super fast.

Japanase giant Hitachi has developed a “permanent magnet synchronous motor” to power the new lifts at record breaking speeds while providing a “comfortable ride even during high-speed operation” with reduced sensation of ear blockage.

The new 111-storey Guangzhou CTF Financial Center will be completed in 2016 and offer 208,000 sq metres of office space. It will also include space for residential properties and a hotel.

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