New autonomous security robot patrols G4S offices

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A NEW autonomous robot called Bob has started work at the offices of security firm G4S.

Bob is able to map and navigate the offices he has been employed to patrol. His tasks include monitoring the environment, checking doors are closed and gathering information.

The clever robot has been developed by the University of Birmingham as part of the £7.2 million STRANDS project where robots will learn how to act intelligently and independently in real-world environments.

Dr Nick Hawes, from the School of Computer Science at the University of Birmingham, who leads the STRANDS project, said: “We wanted to build an autonomous intelligent robot that can be put into a real world scenario like a place of work.”

David Ella, G4S Technology VP Technology Marketing, commented: “G4S are involved in various security solutions which combine people and technology, and in this case we wanted to make sure that the security robot of the future carries out useful tasks and really adds value.”

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